Cutting Discs

German Grinding and cutting discs from Hoffmann Group USA are durable, high tolerance cutting discs available for cutting and grinding in industrial environments. also sells a complete line of Jepson Power Dry Cutter Saw Blades in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your individual requirements.

German Garant and Holex Cutting Discs and Jepson Power Dry Cutter Saw Blades are available in different grit styles and various saw blade designs to deliver outstanding performance from German cutting discs and dry cutter saw blades to be used in a variety of industrial areas.

  • 1/2 x 18 CER Cloth File Belt Pack of 10 Starcke U55022

    1/2" x 18" CER Cloth File Belt (Pack of 10)

    These Ceramic abrasive belts have self sharpening characteristics which increase performance and provide a high stock removal rate. These belts are suitable for both wet and dry applications and are manufactured with a resilient cloth backing.  
    $0.80 - $0.94
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  • 2 AO Cloth Quick Change Disc Starcke U55020

    2" AO Cloth Quick Change Disc

    AO locking -  Aluminum Oxide Quick Change Discs. Extremely versatile, these discs work well on a broad range of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as soft and hard woods.  
    $0.67 - $1.05
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  • Rubber Backing Pad Holex 554093

    Rubber Backing Pad

    Version: To take abrasive discs with external thread quick-clamping systems (Roloc™, Combidisc®).Rubber backing pad with 1/4 inch mounting and 6 mm shank. Adapter No. 554081 allows mounting on an M14 spindle...
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    Abrasive Finishing Disc Garant 554042

    Abrasive Finishing Disc

    Version: The Roloc™, Combidisc® CDR quick-change system with a plastic thread permits safe abrasive tool changing “with a single twist of the wrist” in a very short time.High performance general-purpose nylon...
    $1.39 - $1.50
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  • Garant ZA Abrasive Flap Disc 565264

    Garant ZA Abrasive Flap Disc

    Version: Premium zirconium aluminium oxide (ZA) for maximum abrasive performance. Sturdy polyester cotton mixed fabric for ideal wear characteristics and stability, even when used on edges. Sturdy glass fibre pad for optimum contact...
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