From hacksaws to industrial power saws and circular saw blades, Hoffmann Group USA offers a complete line of German saws, hacksaws and German Dry Cutter Metal Circular Saws designed for use in home, construction and industrial environments. sells Milwaukee Sawzall Tools and Sawzall Blades, Jepson Power German Dry Cutter Metal Circular Saws and Hand Saws, along with Jepson Dry Cutter Circular Saw Blades, Fein Multi-Tool Saws and Saw Accessories, Garant German Hacksaws and Hacksaw Blades and German Sawing Sets in a rigid foam inlay.

Built to strict tolerances, our German dry cutter saws, hacksaws and hacksaw blades, along with industrial power saws from Fein and Sawzalls from Milwaukee Tools, are designed to meet industrial requirements for construction and industrial usage.