Drill Chucks

Hoffmann Group USA offers German drill chucks in self-tightening models from Garant and Rohm to deliver outstanding results for industrial use where self-tightening drill chucks offer superior performance. Rohm and Garant self-tightening drill chucks are available in different models for use in industrial environments with these German self-tightening drill chucks from

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    4045197152817 Garant Self-Tightening Three Jaw Drill Chucks Garant Tools 341250 130

    Garant Self-Tightening Three Jaw Drill Chucks

    These Garant Self-Tightening German Drill Chucks are high performance precision German three-jaw drill chucks, with high concentricity, keyless, self-tightening, high clamping force. Easily released by hand with wearing parts that are hardened and...
    $119.62 - $165.30
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