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Garant CerRapid Rough Grinding Disc Set of 10 Price Per Piece

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560005 115x7
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Product Overview

This Garant CerRapid Rough Grinding Disc are sold in sets of 10, with self-sharpening ceramic grit (CER) and specially matched high-performance binding system that delivers substantially higher grinding performance, with extremely cool grinding compared to conventional roughing discs (A).

Very high productivity due to very fast removal of material.
Optimum balance between extremely soft metal removal behavior with very low application force and very long service life.
Grit, bonding, abrasive additives as well as reinforcement of the rough grinding discs are optimised for maximum metal removal rate and working life in their respective applications.
Grinding angle 20° to 30°

Electric and pneumatic angle grinders with maximum 80 m/s circumferential speed for grinding welds, surfaces, and edges.


Technical Data:
Grinding media: Ceramic grit (CER)
Grinding medium code: Ceramic
Specification: CER24Q-BF
Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents: < 0.1 %
Disc thickness: 7 mm
Bore ⌀: 22.23 mm
Disc ⌀: 115 mm
Recommended approach angle: 20-30 degrees
Optimized for materials: INOX; Steel
Maximum circumferential speed: 80 m/s
Maximum speed: 13,300 rpm
Type of product: Rough grinding wheel

Application Table:

Garant CerRapid Cutting Disc Application Table

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