Garant EasyFix Panel

  • Garant Easy-Fix Board 955320

    Garant Easy-Fix Board

    Version: Sturdy folded sheet metal with â–¡ 9×9 mm on a 37 mm grid for attaching perforated panel accessories and Easyfix hooks and holders. Supplied with: Including accessories for wall mounting, adhesive stickers. Easyfix panel and included...
    $71.52 - $124.02
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    Garant Hygiene Point Stations Two Sizes Available Garant Tools 955333

    Garant Uni Panel for use with EasyFix

    The Garant Uni Panels are available in two sizes, small and medium, and are designed to offer an easy access point for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products for use in industrial and business settings. Upright support columns of folded sheet...
    $50.00 - $100.00
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