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Garant Open Top Drawer Unit Casing with 6 Drawers

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SD933780 7A
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Product Overview

This Garant Open Top Drawer Unit Casing with 6 Drawers is a German engineered open top drawer unit, complete with 6 drawers with a body of light grey RAL 7035, while the drawers are signal blue RAL 5005 powder−coated. Designed to be a support for a workbench, this Garant Open Top Drawer Unit Casing with 6 Drawers can be a stand alone item with the addition of a top, which is not included.


Casing made of sheet metal with drawer mountings at 20 mm intervals.
Drawers can be locked centrally with a cylinder lock.
Sheet metal drawers with wide aluminium grip handles and labelling strips can be pulled out 90 %.
Inner faces of drawers have slots for dividers.

Fitted with:
Drawer front height: 60; 80; 100; 120; 160; 200 mm

Technical Data: 

Material thickness: 1 mm
Drawer/pull-out shelf load capacity: 100 kg
Drawer runner extension (partial/full extension): 90 %
Cylinder lock: Modular barrel
Safety certificate: GS TÜV Süd
Height: 800 mm
Width: 600 mm
Depth: 630 mm
Usable height for drawers: 720 mm
Number of drawers: 6
Body open at the top (for use as support cabinet under a workbench): Yes
Type of product: Workbench casing

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