Scissors and Utility Knives

Hoffmann Group USA offers Garant and Holex box cutters and pocket knives along with premium Tajima box cutters, Martor box cutters, and Lutz blades. Select from our selection of utility knives, box cutters, multi-tools, and pocket knives that are designed with your safety in mind. Our top selling Garant multi-tool pocket knife or our Holex box cutter are a great way to try our premium, exclusive brands - Garant and Holex.

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    Holex Box Cutter Utility Knife Zinc Die-Cast Handle Holex 845037 130

    Holex Box Cutter / General Purpose Knife

    Version: Blade extends and retracts in precise metal guide, stops automatically. High quality blades, extremely sharp, with long service life. Advantage: Zinc die-cast handle: High load capacity and hardness, yet very light. Outstanding corrosion...
    Was: $3.70
    Now: $3.03
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  • Garant Pocket Knife/ Multi-Tool 846000

    Garant Pocket Knife/ Multi-Tool

    Version: Original Swiss pocket tool / Swiss knife in unmatched quality, precision, practicality, and functionality.Length 110 mm with locking blade, ball-point pen, and tweezers with scale of length. Function: large fixed blade corkscrew can...
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    7611160003539 Swiss Army Knife - Victorinox Rescue Tool Victorinox 846050 120R

    Victorinox 0.8623.MWN Rescue Tool

    Description Version: Victorinox 0.8623.MWN Original Swiss pocket and multi-function tool in unmatched quality, precision, practicality, and functionality. The RescueTool pocket knife has been developed over many years in cooperation with professional...
    Was: $139.83
    Now: $99.99
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  • 2050001911940 Victorinox X Garant Cyber Tool 846010 60

    Victorinox X Garant 0.6223.T82R2 Cyber Tool

    Description Version: Victorinox 0.6223.T82R2 Original Swiss pocket tool in unmatched quality, precision, practicality, and functionality. Length 58 mm. With knife blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, tooth pick and key ring...
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  • 7611160013422 Swiss Army Knife - Victorinox Midnite Manager Victorinox 846050 60L

    Victorinox 0.6366.T2 Midnite Manager

    Version: Victorinox 0.6366.T2 Original Swiss pocket and multi-function tool in unmatched quality, precision, practicality, and functionality. Function: Blade Scissors Nail file with – screwdriver Bottle opener with − magnetic screwdriver for...
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    Garant Heavy-Duty Scissors 175mm R-769240 175

    Garant Heavy-Duty Scissors 175mm

    Version: Sturdy and handy universal heavy-duty scissors with ergonomic 2-component handles. Titanium coating on the blades (of non-rusting stainless steel) ensures very good cutting characteristics and long working life. Application: Paper,...
    Was: $8.95
    Now: $7.35
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    Holex Heavy-Duty Scissors R-769510 300

    Holex Heavy-Duty Scissors

    Version: Exceptionally strong tapered design with sturdy scissor blades. Smooth blades, strong handles with large finger holes. Strong adjustable screwed joint. Scissor blades and joint bright finished; handles painted.Scissor blades and joint bright...
    Was: $43.96
    Now: $25.00
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  • General Purpose Shears Lowe 769805

    General Purpose Shears

    Version: Body of sheet metal, blade of special steel, (PTFE non-stick coating), blade pad (anvil) of light metal. Slightly dragging cut; handles coated with non-slip plastic; shears mirror-finish chrome-plated. Application: For cutting rubber,...
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  • Bessey Utility Knife with Fold-Away Blade 844890

    Bessey Utility Knife with Fold-Away Blade

    Version: Sturdy cutter knife for trapezoidal blades (exchangeable). Blade folds away, reducing the risk of injury.With comfortable plastic handle, storage for spare blades and belt clip. Thumb-pad on handle for application of maximum pressure...
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