Hoffmann Group e-Form

The Hoffmann Group e-Shop offers registered users the ability to plan, create and purchase individual rigid foam inlays and custom worktops with the eForm and eShape online configurators

Hoffmann Group USA sells a number of products that come in pre-made rigid foam inlays for our customers on our site. If you would like to create your own custom rigid foam inlays, the Hoffmann Group offers the ability to do so with our eForm online configurator.

The eForm online configurator provides an easy, intuitive process online to plan and design your own rigid foam inlays for holding tools in the Garant Gridline family of products. Whether you have individual items or small groups of similar products that you want to keep together and protected, the Hoffmann Group eForm allows you to tailor-make your own specific rigid foam inlays.

Hoffmann Group USA e-Form Online Configurator for custom foam inlays

For custom worktops, the Hoffmann Group eShape configurator provides the ideal way to create your own custom worktop designs. You control the entire process, allowing for specific cuts to be made to meet your exact specifications.

Hoffmann Group USA eShape Online Configurator allows for custom worktop designs.

To take advantage of the Hoffmann Group eForm and eShape online configurators or for more information, you need to be registered for the Hoffmann Group Corporate e-shop. Click here to learn more and register today.