Hoffmann Group USA Website Promotional Offers

HoffmannGroupUSA.com Yeti Giveaway

For a limited time and while supplies last, every order from HoffmannGroupUSA.com is eligible to receive a free Yeti product giveaway. Yeti products for this promotion are all brand new and you will receive a Hoffmann Group or Garant branded Yeti product with qualifying orders. 

Yeti Product Giveaways are available at the following purchase levels:

Spend $2,500 or more at HoffmannGroupUSA.com to receive a Yeti Cooler.

Yeti Giveaway HoffmannGroupUSA.com

Spend $1,000 to $2,499.99 and receive a Yeti Tumbler.

HoffmannGroupUSA.com Yeti Giveaway Promotion Tumbler

Spend $750 to $999.99 and receive a Yeti Water Bottle.

HoffmannGroupUSA.com Yeti Giveaway Promotion Water Bottle

Spend $599 to $749.99 and receive a Yeti Insulated Coffee Mug.

HoffmannGroupUSA.com Yeti Giveaway Promotion Insulated Coffee Mug

You will receive one item based upon your purchase level and this promotion is available while supplies last! If you have any questions about this HoffmannGroupUSA.com Yeti Giveaway promotion, please email us at info@hoffmanngroupusa.com.

If you are an existing Hoffmann Group customer, please click here to shop on the Hoffmann Group eShop.