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Workshop Tools and Accessories

Hoffmann Group USA offers a wide range of inspection and workshop tools made to industrial requirements from brands that include Garant, Holex, Tork, CEJN, Markal, PB Swiss Tools and many more.

From compressed air products to soldering irons, workshop industrial wipes to pick tools and inspection mirrors, Hoffmann Group USA delivers high quality inspection and workshop tools for our industrial partners to meet their specific requirements. 

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    LED-LENSER 500895 LED-torch P5 LEDLENSER R-081485 P5

    LED-LENSER 500895 LED-torch P5

    Version: LED lenses are amongst the technology leaders for LED torches. Within the splash-proof aluminium housing, all the contacts are gold-plated, high-quality lenses gather the light uniformly and without losses. All these...
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    Tork 128408 Paper workshop wipers, 2-ply 2 rolls R-089103 W

    Tork 128408 Paper workshop wipers, 2-ply (2 rolls)

    Version: Wide range of special wipes for wiping and cleaning. Each wipe has been designed for a specific task. With the appropriate hygienic dispenser, you obtain an efficient system.Tork standard paper wipes (320): for simple wiping tasks.Using...
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    4062406401900 Garant LED Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight Garant Tools 081448 200

    Garant LED Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight

    This Garant Slim, Rechargeable LED Pen Flashlight comes in a sturdy and elegant aluminium casing. This precision LED Pen Light featues a multi-function dimmable main beam with a brilliant LED light that delivers optimum illumination in restricted spaces...
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    4006793811614 Parat Plastic toolbox 440 R-693200 475

    Parat Plastic toolbox 440

    Version: Made of polypropylene - light, robust, and impact resistant. Large comfortable carrying handle with locking function and 2 quick-acting plastic catches.With removable carrying tray and small parts holder over spacious main compartment...
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    Garant Protective Mat R-692800

    Garant Protective Mat

    Description Version: High quality anti-slip mat coated with washable nylon fabric and all-round binding strip. Application: For protecting delicate surfaces (e.g. during service and maintenance) or as a versatile underlay for everyday use...
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    Mato Oil Can 083525

    Mato Oil Can

    Version: Machine oil spray can of sheet metal with rigid and flexible discharge tube. Sturdy brass pump, outlet can be unscrewed. Tube length 120 mm.   250 Technical Data Capacity 250 ml Container height 140 mm Base...
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