Hoffmann Group USA offers sliding German stainless steel rules to deliver precise measurements in industrial settings. The Holex German stainless steel rule available from Hoffmann Group USA includes a clip for easy access of use.

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    2050002041905 SALE 5 Piece Measuring Tool Set Garant R-952072 5

    SALE! 5 Piece Measuring Tool Set

    Technical Data Rigid foam quality LD45, thickness 30 mm Degree of fill of a drawer in units 8×20 Width 200 mm Depth 500 mm Width in G 8 Depth in G 20 Number of tools 5 Version with measurement...
    Was: $240.24
    Now: $217.36
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  • Plastic Folding Rule Wiha 466200

    Plastic Folding Rule

    Version: Sections of glass-fibre reinforced, rigid plastic with matt surface. Extremely wear-resistant and unbreakable; crack-proof / scratch-proof / waterproof. With grooved connections between sections and precisely embossed mm graduations...
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  • Stainless Steel Rule Garant 461770

    Stainless Steel Rule

    Version: Made of stainless spring steel. Smooth surface with very precise and sharp contrast graduations. Very high accuracy and clear definition for legibility of the scale. Upper edge with ½ mm graduations. Lower edge with 1 mm...
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  • Flexibile Steel Rule Holex 461800

    Flexibile Steel Rule

    Version: Made of stainless spring steel. Clean, electrolytically applied, black graduations and figures with smooth surface. Easy to read. Rounded edges to prevent injuries.Upper edge with ½ mm graduations, lower edge with 1 mm...
    $2.49 - $7.27
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