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Pre-Owned and Clearance Items

The Hoffmann Group USA offers a wide range of high quality German cutting and tooling products, as well as products designed for outstanding results. 

Hoffmann Group also works with our customers to help them upgrade their existing cutting and tooling products, as well as to create customized solutions for their businesses. Hoffmann Group will often allow items to be returned to the company for upgrading purposes, which will allow you to find outstanding Hoffmann Group products at highly discounted rates.

Stock levels are constantly changing in our pre-owned and clearance items area and all items are sold "as-is" with no returns, which allows Hoffmann Group to offer these products at greatly reduced prices. All products in our pre-owned and clearance section have been carefully and thoroughly inspected and we include references to the condition of these items in our product descriptions. Not all items on the Hoffmann Group USA Pre-Owned and Clearance have been used; please find detailed information on the status of the item on the specific item page.

The nature of our pre-owned and clearance items means that these items are available only in the supply ranges that are listed and once they are gone, they are gone. We encourage you to return often to find products that are being added to our Pre-Owned and Clearance items page and if you find a product that you would like to purchase, don't delay and miss your opportunity to find an outstanding Hoffmann Group product at highly discounted prices.

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